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Be a part of the Dec. 13 Common Threads

hollyCommon Threads is the bi-weekly email update that goes out to members of the CCS community.  For Christmas the editor, Marc, is inviting folks to participate in the final Common Threads of 2012.  Short Christmas wishes, memories, reflections, and blessings fo this time of year are solicited.  He will do his best to include as many as possible.

Deadline is December 10.  You can email Marc at or leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll pass it along.

And if you’re in the Winnipeg area, don’t forget the Second Friday presentation and the afternoon Cookies and Carols at CCS on December 14.


Meet Cici!

The puppet has been named! “CiCi S.” A blue ribbon panel of experts has combined two entries: Brenda Zanin of Ottawa wrote of her selection “CiCi”: “It’s gender free and it could also be ‘see-see’ -the key learning sense of sight. It’s friendly.” Deb Kigar, of Quebec, had a similar suggestion “CeeCeeS.” So judges took prerogative and amalgamated Brenda’s spelling and Deb gave the puppet a last name (okay an initial). Congratulations!

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Name That Puppet

Lynn Smith, a Social Ministry Year student from Peterborough, made a puppet for CCS and left it here for our use. But s/he needs a name! Can you think of one? Send your replies to The prize is a surprise…

Theology Students Issue Statement of Solidarity with Quebec Protesters

Students of Emmanuel College, a seminary of the University of Toronto, have written a Letter of Solidarity with those in Quebec and elsewhere who invite us to imagine a different approach to education and democracy.

The ongoing demonstrations in Quebec, which began as a student strike, have quickly gained support across Canada and around the world. Rising tuition, mounting debt burdens, distortion in the mainstream media, and violence against those engaged in the demonstrations resonate with a growing number of people. These students have drawn upon their faiths to stand in solidarity against injustice.

Feel free to leave comments or engage in a discussion on this topic.

Student Recruitment Discussion

At the recent AGM the Task Group on Student Recruitment made a presentation outlining some of their research.  Click here for their report on student recruitment .  (It’s interesting stuff.)

At the end of their report are a few discussion questions.  We invite you to leave a comment with your thoughts.  (Or if you don’t want to go public with your opinions, you can write directly to the Principal at

Here are the questions:

  1. Likes – If you are or were a student, what brought you to CCS and what kept you here? If you weren’t a student, what draws you and keeps you connected? How would you use that experience to encourage other students to enrol at CCS?
  2. Strengths – What are the unique strengths and gifts that CCS possesses? What steps should we take now to make them know and used by the wider community?
  3. Looking ahead – What are your hopes and fears for the future of diaconal ministry (Anglican and United)? How should CCS promote or adapt its program (a) if our status as a testamur granting institution for the United Church of Canada were to change? (b) in order to accommodate Anglican ecclesiology and structures?

Thanks for engaging these questions.

Tie or No Tie

It’s fall, and we’re gearing up for a new year of learning and preparation for ministry.  As we enter into the new school year, we’re aware that we’re doing so with a new Principal.  Not only that, but with a new-ish Development and Community Relations Coordinator.  It’s time to update the staff photo.

Marc wanted to know whether he should wear a tie for the photo or not.  We decided to do one with a tie and one without.  Which do you like better?

back: Ann Naylor, Liz Bachmann, Marc Desrosiers. front: Scott Douglas, Maylanne Maybee, Ted Dodd

back: Ann Naylor, Liz Bachmann, Marc Desrosiers. front: Scott Douglas, Maylanne Maybee, Ted Dodd.


Marc wants to hear from you.  Leave a comment or email him directly at .

  1. The current CCS logo features ‘happy, dancing people.’ In your opinion, does that graphic best portray the Centre of Christian Studies, the essence of its educational ministry and / or the work that is being done and has been done over the years with/for both the ACC and UCC? Yes… no… expand…suggestions…
  2. Within the existing logo is featured the phrase: “living a theology of justice”. In your opinion, does that phrase best portray the Centre for Christian Studies, the essence of its educational ministry… (as in question #1)?
  3. Have you a theme / slogan to suggest for the 120th Anniversary year in 2012?
  4. A “120th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend” is being planned for August, 2012 in Winnipeg. Would you consider attending?
  5. What elements within a Homecoming Weekend would greatly encourage you to attend? i.e. Seminars? Featured Speakers? Meet-n-Greet? Worship celebration? Other CCS-UCC-ACC-related events/activities? Other?
  6. Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding our print publication Tapestry? Do you receive the electronic version? The print version? Both versions? None of the two versions? Which version do you prefer if received
  7. You get the last word: any other comments / opinions for the good of CCS?